Blake Lively calls Instagram photo of daughters ‘disturbing’


Blake Lively is a mother of three.  (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Blake Lively is a mother of three. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Blake Lively is a famous actress, someone who’s chosen to live her life in public, but her kids have not. And the Gossip Girl actress makes a point to maintain the privacy of her three children, who she shares with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.

Lively reiterated that stance when she reportedly called out an Instagram account for sharing a paparazzi photo of her entire family walking. The image has since been deleted. However, both People and E! captured Lively’s words.

“This is so disturbing,” the actress wrote on the account, which focuses on pics of celebrity kids. “I’ve personally shared with you that these men stalk and harass my children. And you are still posting. You said you would stop. You personally promised me. This is not casual appreciation. This is YOU also exploiting very young children. Please. Delete. Please. Some parents are ok with this. We. Are. NOT.”

The image was ultimately removed, for which Lively was grateful.

“Thank you to everyone UNFOLLOWING accounts who exploit children,” she reportedly wrote on her Instagram Story. “YOU make ALL the difference. Thank you for your integrity. Thank you.”

A rep for the actress did not respond to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment.

In July, Lively criticized a tabloid for publishing images of her out with her children, which she said were “deceitful” because it made it appear as though she was smiling and waving as she pushed a stroller with the little ones. She said the reality was that photographer had “stalked” her children all day, repeatedly hiding and jumping out to snap them.

Lively and Reynolds are both so private about their children that the name of their youngest daughter — who was born in October 2019 — was unknown until August 2020. That was when Taylor Swift, a close friend of Lively’s, seemed to reveal it on her song “Betty,” which featured the names of the couple’s older daughters, Inez and James. Swift’s fans quickly suspected it.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds attend the

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds attend the Free Guy movie premiere. (Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Reynolds confirmed it when he told the Daily Mail that it was “pretty damn amazing” Swift had used his children’s names in the track. He noted that he and Lively didn’t know that was going to happen before the album was released, but it made a fun surprise for their daughters. They weren’t upset, because the lyrics are actually about a teen friendship gone wrong. Only the names of the kids are used. But they were shocked.

“You know, I still walk down the street and shake my head thinking ‘I can’t believe that happened,'” Reynolds said.

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