Fans dazzled by Martha Stewart’s butterfly-inspired eyelashes: ‘Is Martha 30 again?’


Martha Stewart is spreading her wings.

The lifestyle and media mogul is clearly ready for Halloween, as evidenced by her recent post where she’s showing off an intricate piece of butterfly-inspired artwork — on her eyelashes.

On Friday, Stewart shared an image of herself donning clip-art wings around her lashes that take the shape of a butterfly. Of course, all of it is perfectly glued and masterfully set.

“With a flutter of silk chiffon wings, a dazzling apparition emerges from the shadows to seek her place in the spotlight,” the post reads. “Feathered lashes and whimsical clip-art wings around the eyes add dimension and flair to Martha’s makeup.”

The stunning display received a lot of engagement from fans, many of whom continue to revel in Stewart’s standards, which lets face it, are higher than most.

“Martha cracks me up, always posting very unusual stuff,” one fan wrote while another added, “Her skin is flawless.”

“Is Martha 30 again?” a commenter asked, admiring the 80-year-old’s youthful appearance, while another quipped, “I thought this was Gwyneth [Paltrow].” 

“You are such an icon! Stunning look here,” another praised, with someone adding, “You simply look beautiful. Time doesn’t matter when the beautiful butterfly emerges from her cocoon! Truly Happy Halloween.”

Stewart, who recently announced she’s expanding her business ventures to include CBD products and frozen food, is no stranger to embracing the Halloween spirit.

All month long, the crafts master has been posting numerous iterations of Halloween-inspired decor and baked goods. She’s also been letting her fans in on the fun by posting throwback photos of her favorite Halloween looks with special tips for fans on how to recreate the iconic costumes.

“From the time I as a little girl, I have loved dressing up for Halloween,” Stewart said in the October 2018 issue of Living. “Every year, I look forward to devising my costume—some years the look is elaborate and the ensemble itself is extraordinarily complex, like when I was Fairy GrandMartha or the Spellbinding Sorceress. For those getups, I worked with the editors, makeup artists, costume designers, and seamstresses to execute some pretty ambitious designs.”

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