‘It’s after the end of the world’


Donald Glover has a Halloween message for Atlanta fans, and the news is both good and appropriately ominous for the day.

Glover dropped a surprise teaser for the hit series’ third season on Sunday night, with a reminder that the show will return next year.

Voices chant “It’s after the end of the world, don’t you know that yet?” over and over as the camera captures a variety of lush yet desolate scenes: an empty theater and courtyard, a quiet city street, a tumble of chairs in a room where televisions play to no one, an escalator, an elevator, a staircase, a dark bar, a vacant hallway.

As the soundtrack becomes more cacophonous, it cuts to Brian Tyree Henry (Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles) sitting alone at a table, staring into the camera as two uniformed servers face the wall with their backs to the room. The music ends with a screech of violins as “2022” appears on the screen. Glover and his costars LaKeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz don’t appear in the teaser.

It’s doubtful that the show, which aired its season 2 finale in May 2018, is pivoting toward a horror vibe. Instead, this seems to be a Halloween treat for fans, who may remember that the second season ended with Paper Boi and company heading for Europe.

Work on Atlanta season 3 got underway earlier this year in Europe following delays thanks to Glover’s busy schedule and COVID-19 delays. Despite the long break, the show’s already been renewed for season 4.

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