Living on the Great Lakes — a dream threatened by climate change


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‘Change is outside’: thousands protest for the climate

Thousands marched through the wind and rain on Saturday, in the city hosting the COP26 climate summit.Just one of the protests taking place across the world demanding bolder global action over climate change.In Glasgow demonstrators carried banners reading “capitalism is killing the planet” and blamed companies for the crisis.Protester Ellie Forgan said climate change is not just about global warming.”It’s about climate, it’s about mass movement of people, it’s about what languages people are able to speak, it’s about extraction, it’s about violence against the Earth, it’s about sexual violence. So there’s so many things that are linked that I want people to start to understand.”In the UK capital London Katia Ramirez was among those taking to the streets.”I think it’s been a lot of talking about changes needed, and this and that, but nothing happens. So, I think we’re just fed up. We need the change to happen now.”But Britain was not the only site of action.In Brussels activists from Extinction Rebellion blocked a main street, a giant red Earth was rolled through South Korea’s capital, symbolizing the burning planet.Back in Glasgow, Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate – speaking at a COP26 news conference – praised protesters.”I think change is really on the streets. Change is what is happening outside, what young people are doing, with the organising and mobilising of the climate strikes.”A week of government speeches and pledges has included promises to phase out coal, slash methane emissions and reduce deforestation.But activists are skeptical about whether there’s genuine political will.Campaigners and pressure groups say they have been underwhelmed by the commitments made so far, many of which are voluntary, exclude the biggest polluters, or set deadlines decades away.

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